The Valve VR History


This idea arose from the moment that the virtual reality technology appeared in the national market (Brazil), We realized that this would go beyond a fad and would become the new technological trend to replace the smartphone in a few years.

So we accepted the challenge of creating our first game in virtual reality simulating a certain surreal environment, but that had connections with our realities, like being in a night club in space, with a mix of technology and retro.

We build on the end of this project The Sims game where you interact with your characters in a thousand different ways enhanced with each new update the special effects of the club and the intelligence of the VIP`s. Finishing with online connections where you can interact with guests. The Valve VR is a challenge that will elevate us to a new level of VR games and we love challenges.

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  • March 2017

    First Contact

    I bought my first VR BOX and mobile phone with oscilloscope, downloading everything on Google Play
  • April 2017

    I made a choice

    I decided that I would do a game of simulation of environments. There was no night club simulation game on Android. had very few of that type (hundreds of roller coasters)
  • June 2017

    simulating an environment...

    Seeing hundreds of videos of night clubs to try to simulate colors, lighting and environment, how much desire to play in one of them. Get drunk. LOL. Not using ceiling in space has greatly limited my options.
  • August 2017

    First VIPs

    Creating the characters (very difficult to make them behave as I would, thank you very much FUSE MIXAMO, saved me. I tested several programs and this was what created characters with the smallest possible number of polygons with quality
  • September 2017

    Black Jack Party

    Creating the blackJack game, teaching artificial intelligence to all the rules of this game and difficulty levels. (bad decision).
  • November 2017

    First launch :(

    First launch, and discovering that gambling simulation like BlackJack (gambling) has barred entry in more than 50 countries, back to the drawing board.
  • 2017 / 2018

    Go to the end...

    During all the time of creation until the present day, the commercial of the Shell was my inspiration, it attended almost every day to recharge my batteries of courage.
  • Dec 17 / Fev 18

    changing the game...

    Truggle to change the game of black jack by naval battle in space, several failed design attempts until finding the current model and remove all the flaws, do not imagine the amount of variants and possibilities that a game of this has. First (of many) asset that I buy, ships in low polygons.
  • March 2018

    Second release :D

    My first game, The Valve VR goes to Google Play store with new look and lots of ideas for updates.
  • April 2018

    Time to Marketing

    Presenting the first version to the other developers and the media, to see the feedback and understand what would need to be adapted in the game to find the fans.
  • May 2018

    Raise funds

    Open the CrowdFunding Campaings
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